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The history of Navajo rugs goes back to aroundwhen the Navajo were believed to have learned the craft of rug-making from the Pueblo Indians. This theory is supported by stories passed down from tribal elders as well as examples of Navajo Rugs dating back to that are a close parallel to rugs made by the Pueblo Indians. The main difference between rugs made by the two groups is that Navajo rugs were made with wool, while the Pueblo rugs were made with cotton. The Navajo Nation is the western part of the United States. The Nation occupies much of the land in an area called the four corners. There are still Navajo rug makers in that area that weave these rugs in the traditional handcrafted way. Navajo rugs, one of the types of Southwestern rugs, dating navajo rugs a wide range of intricate patterns and designs, with an emphasis on geometric lines and shapes. The rug design may include a family emblem, have religious overtones, or show appreciation for one or more aspects of the environment.

Dating navajo rugs Through Time Shop my new store for Burnt Water Navajo rug from the collection of Judy Breneman. You must acknowledge them, and you must live right on this earth. Traditional Navajo weaving was steeped in religion.

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Some archeologists and art historians claim that pure artistic expression cannot exist among non-literate peoples. But when looking at Navajo arts and crafts, however, nothing seems further from the truth. For more than five centuries, the lifestyle of the Navajo people have both amazed and intimidated the people living around them. The designs and patterns have inspired textile industries and modern fashion houses all over the world, although the high standards of traditional Navajo weaving have never truly been replicated by anyone but the originators. Image via Ruby Plus George. Image via Google. It was actually a lucky coincidence, with competition and trends shaping the market, that drove the Navajo into the business of dating navajo rugs decoration. The Navajo people are one of the two largest federally recognized tribes in the US. Not to be confused with other Native American tribes such as Apache, Pueblo or Ute, the Navajo peoples have their own language, religion and way of life. According to Navajo tradition, they were taught to weave by two holy ones: Spider Man and Spider Woman.

This site is copyrighted; please respect that. This information exists to provide people with a means of determining whether a textile is Navajo or not. If you want to publish this material somewhere else, please contact me for permission and please have the decency to properly cite where you acquired the information. On any given day, there are to hits from those words. Dating navajo rugs between, the offerings range from great pieces from reputable dealers to out and out frauds. Rugs appearing to be Navajo can also be found in many antique stores, thrift stores, yard sales, and swap meets. Anyhow, here are some guidelines that will help you determine whether you are looking at a Navajo textile or not. M o s t Navajo rugs do not have a fringe.

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